“#WhitePrivilegeMeans ignoring the fact that the “functional” society u built is on the blood ofslaves/stolen land.” -@TheSwallowcaust

“#WhitePrivilegeMeans not feeling obliged to speak on racism because it doesn’t apply to you.”

“#WhitePrivilegeMeans you don’t get followed around the store and randomly searched bypolice.” -@MADBLACKTWINK

While these may all be true, I can’t help but think it can mean something else… I know it can mean something else.

I know because my skin may be golden brown as I write this, but in three months I’ll be closer to snow white.

I know this because I was raised – white.

And because my Mother’s skin is white, her privilege shielded me for the first part of life. Having white privilege is seen as extremely negative – but I’ve seen the positive.

To me, #WhitePrivilegeMeans my elementary school not only listening, but apologizing when my (white) Mother stormed in and called them out for putting their only brown student (me) in every “brown” role in a school play.

#WhitePrivilegeMeans my (white) cousin yelling at someone for ridiculing a (brown) family’s use of food stamps.

#WhitePrivilegeMeans means my (white) best friend and her (white) siblings openly calling out racism at my husband’s and I’s wedding…even if it was my Grandfather’s girlfriend.

#WhitePrivilegeMeans going out of your way (as a white couple) to film (and secure outside funding) a documentary from an Indigenous perspective…when you could’ve easily made money instead.

#WhitePrivilegeMeans my childhood friend going out of his way to learn about Indigenous issues with the soul purpose of combatting ignorance.

When used correctly, #WhitePrivilegeMeans working to eradicate – white privilege.